Traffic Impact Statement, June 12, 2017


Additional demolition equipment for RGT will be mobilized to site on Monday 06/12 at 7:00am.

Traffic Impact

One lane of the road in front of RGT will be blocked for approximately one hour while equipment is offloaded. Flaggers will direct traffic around the delivery while the drive lane is blocked. If necessary, traffic will be rerouted through the Chapel parking lot.

Resident Impact

No resident impact anticipated.

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2017 Farmers Market

Beginning, Thursday, June 8, the 2017 Charlestown Farmers Market is here! Again this year, we will be offering a  variety of seasonal, local, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers and flower arrangements.

Our Vendor, Stoney Acres Farm, is located in Westminster Maryland. The Farm is owned by a husband and wife team, Eileen and Allan.

The Charlestown Farmers Market will be open weekly on Thursdays in the Cross Creek Lobby from 8:30am to 1:00pm!

For More information regarding the Farmers Market contact the dining services department at ext 8333

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Goal Accomplished!

Congratulations Charlestown residents! Due to your generous donations, we exceeded our goal of $150,000 by raising $175,000 with 52% household participation. On May 17th we awarded 23 new scholarships at our Scholars’ Ceremony, $2,000 for each student, which will go toward their tuition to the institutions of higher learning which they have chosen to attend. The new Scholars are: Abigail Antoine, Briahnna Talbott, Bryant Henry, Courtney Hancock, Danae Hebron, Emma Olszewski, Jamie Atkins, Jasmine Franklin, Kayla Berry, Kieran Van Zant, Olivia Judson, Zevroniqa Brogden, Ca’ron Bell, Esther Eze, Trashawna Hollingworth, Tae’la Jones, Glen Griffin, Chadea Laws, Shelby Murphy, Justin Naylor, Kanyia Smith, Malik Townsend and Jordin Watkins. These students join the current 138 Charlestown Scholars, some of whom will graduate this summer.

Along with the Charlestown scholarship, the students had an opportunity to apply for additional scholarships. During the ceremony, the Special Named Awards were presented to Jamie Atkins – Ruth Harden-Inglis Award ($750), Emma Olszewski – Virginia Niccolai Scholarship ($1,000), Alwin Joy – Dr. Carroll Yingling Jr. Award ($1,500), Kieran Van Sant – Andrew Murray Myers Scholarship ($2,000), Abigail Antoine – Treasure Sale Award ($2,000), Courtney Hancock – Committee Choice Award ($500), and Jamie Atkins – Four-year Towson Scholarship ($6,000).

We thank each of our residents who made a donation to the 2017 Scholar Campaign, which helps to alleviate some of the financial burden our scholars experience during their college years. We also applaud the Jim Davis Family Foundation for their continuous support of the Scholars program with a $5,000 contribution this year.

We are grateful to this year’s guest speaker, James McBride. James is a previous Charlestown Scholar and will be graduating from Morgan State University this December. James started working here at Charlestown in 2006 in Dining at the tender age of 15 and continued until this past year when he left to become CEO of his own Public Relations firm. His speech content, directed to the Scholars and the residents, was exceptional!

A special note of appreciation to my fellow 2017 Scholar Committee members: Michelle Chenoweth, Leigh Anne Cooper, Norma Goldberg, Roland Gray, Tony Hansen, Pat Kasuda, and Betty Ruff, and to the Philanthropy Department team of Patti Santoni, Emily Fowler and Brittany Owens.

If you missed the ceremony, it will air on CTN972 on June 3 and 4 at 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tune in to watch this year’s terrific celebration of our student workers’ accomplishments.

-Charlie Eichenlaub-
Scholar Committee Chair

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Fire Safety in the Kitchen

– A safety message from the Security and Emergency Services team-

  • Don’t leave your cooking unattended – stay in the kitchen.
  • Don’t store items in the oven or microwave.
  • Don’t store items on top of the stove.
  • Always set the proper time (microwave) and temperature (oven) to the right setting.
  • Don’t place metal objects or products containing metal in the microwave.
  • If there’s a fire don’t open the oven or microwave – Call 410-737-8806 SES Dispatch immediately.
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Going Away? Suggested Rules to Follow

– A safety message from the Security and Emergency Services team-

Suggested Rules to Follow

  • Please plan early and please fill out a “Resident Away Form” anytime you’ll be away overnight.
  • Forms can be picked up at any front desk.
  • Please make sure the form is fully completed with the correct departure and return date (with times)
  • Please drop the form off at any front desk – at least 48 hours in advance (this allows Security time to process the form).
  • Please contact the front desk and Security (410-737-8806) if you have to leave unexpectedly and please try to fill out a form before you go.
  • Have a nice and enjoyable trip!
  • If you are planning on extending your stay – Please notify security at 410-737-8806.
  • Please notify the front desk when you return or if you return earlier than expected.

This will allow Communications and Security to assist you when your going on vacation. Have a safe trip and we’ll see you when you come back.

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Please Be Courteous in Our Hallways

– A Safety message from the Security and Emergency Services team –

Everyone in our community has a mode of transportation in the hallways; whether it’s walking, using an assistance device, such as a wheelchair, EMV, or rollator. Please treat everyone how you would want to be treated. It’s the Charlestown thing to do.

  • Please share the hallway.
  • Everyone should be safe, kind, and patient.
  • Announce yourself or if on an EMV honk your horn when attempting to go around someone.
  • Be courteous and assist others by opening a door or holding the elevator, door.
  • Allow room for people, rollators, walkers, and EMV’s as they get on and off an elevator.
  • Allow room or space for others when there’s a crowded elevator. (most are uncomfortable in this situation).
  • EMV’s please watch your speed and allow time to stop.
    • Use caution around corners by looking, slowing down, and being aware.


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Celebrate National EMS Week May 21 – 27

In 1973, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation’s communities. Back then, EMS was a new profession, and EMS practitioners had only just started to be recognized as a critical component of emergency medicine and the public health safety net.

A lot has changed since then. EMS is now firmly established as an essential public function and a vital component of the medical care continuum. On any given day, EMS practitioners help save lives by responding to medical emergencies, including heart attack, difficulty breathing, a fall or accident, drowning, cardiac arrest, stroke, drug overdose or acute illness. EMS may provide both basic and advanced medical care at the scene of an emergency and en route to a hospital. EMS practitioners care for their patients’ medical needs and show caring and compassion to their patients in their most difficult moments.

EMS Week brings together local communities and medical personnel to honor the dedication of those who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine’s “front line.” This year, we celebrate EMS Week May 21-27, 2017.

EMS Week is also an opportunity to publicize those contributions our first responders provide to our Charlestown Community. Given the challenges facing our nation’s healthcare system and the rapid pace of change, making sure the public and other stakeholders understand what EMS has to offer has never been more important. You see our uniforms and faces throughout the Community, yet you never know the skills they possess and the dedication to their profession that they have until your time of need. Charlestown offers 24/7 Emergency Medical Services every day of the year.

In your time of need, we are here for you. Please take a few moments during your daily routine to thank those who care so much for you.

Portions of this article have been copied from an Association of EMS Providers on-line article.

– Charleston Security & Emergency Medical Services –

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